Consequences of commercial fishing

Habitat Destruction

Due to the mismanagement of a majority of commercial fisheries, there has been a result of biodiversity loss among ecosystems. As of today, commercial fisheries are the top culprit of destroying biodiversity in the ocean. Commercial fishing is changing the habitats in the ocean and the behaviors of different sea life.


The main problem with commercial fishing is that many of the fisheries and fishing vessels tend to bring in so much fish that they strip away the sustainability of their schools in the wild. Overfishing can end up harming the surrounding wildlife, and while it may be unintentional, it still causes serious devastation. Overfishing is the root of all problems that come with the mass of industrial fishing in the world.


Due to large amounts of overfishing, commercial fishermen often find themselves with a lot of bycatch. Bycatch are unwanted marine life that was caught during commercial fishing. Since the 1990’s, over 85,000 sea turtles, 300,000 marine mammals, and three million sharks have been killed by commercial fisheries every year. Preventing bycatch is important because by doing so, it would eliminate collateral damage to innocent marine life.